Listone Giordano hardwood surfaces for walls and floors

Natural Genius sustainable wood flooring and paneling collections celebrate the association of the naturalness of wood matter with the contemporary design genius. Created in collaboration with international designers, such as Patricia Urquiola, Michele De Lucchi, Daniele Lago, Marc Sadler and Paola Lenti... Natural Genius includes collections that add an ultra-unique intention to wood surfaces.

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A hanging sconce at bedside set against Natural Genius Walnut Slide wood wall cladding.

Beauty for decades with Listone Giordano

Not only an option for exquisite floors, the Natural Genius collection is made to easily be installed on other surfaces. Decorative wood paneling for walls is the perfect accompaniment to suited floors and will add additional atmosphere and elevate your interior spaces. This natural hardwood cladding is produced with luxury quality and aesthetics in mind and will dramatically transform the look and feel of any room.

Natural Genius surface treatments are a testament to luxury in craft and design. Utilizing traditional fine-craft techniques, the Natural Genius collection boasts sawn-cut and brushed surface effects meant to enhance the grain and the design of the natural wood. Wood is a natural and variegated material and as such, the hardwood flooring planks of the Natural Genius collection show visible differences between planks or within the same plank. These distinctions represent the essence of handmade luxury.

The Natural Genius collection utilizes Biosphera certified wood, and adheres to a strict chain of environmental, social, and economic standards. The provenance of the natural material is sourced from sustainable forests, along with using natural solvent-free heat treatments, and special pigmented color finishes.

Enjoy walking barefoot on your wood floors. With your well-being and health in mind, Listone Giordano recognizes that safety is a priority for the places where you live and play. Thanks to Crystalcare, the antibacterial finish developed by Listone Giordano, the surfaces of your flooring are antibacterial certified.

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