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Esthec architectural composite decking is an Eco-Friendly product consisting of natural ingredients, composites, and recycled materials. It is an innovation based on the enormous need for ecologically sound materials in our changing world. Based on its eco-friendly composition- It is neither plastic nor wood which results in extremely low expansion, no warping, no fading and high durability low maintenance surface.

Esthec ecological composite decking is a strong, durable, splinter-free material that feels comfortable and cooler than any other composite decking material on bare feet. Esthec provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet, making it an ideal material for use with water features and pools. From an organic pond surround to an infinity pool, Esthec can adapt to most every installation.

Esthec is extremely versatile for deck builders and can be used for terraces, balconies, roof top decks, docks, and cladding. The simplicity of the forms allows for endless solutions in color and design. With a modern decking look and a very clean appearance, it is the perfect solution for most any style of outdoor space. With its versatile design, you can easily incorporate it into any style, from contemporary to traditional. Enjoy the perfect balance of beauty and functionality with Esthec for your deck design.

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