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West African Ceremonial Goat Skin Carved Drum

West African Ceremonial Goat Skin Carved Drum

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Age: Over 50 years old, unknown

Region: West Africa


The drum is made from a single piece of wood. The drumhead is made from goatskin, which is stretched taut over the top of the drum to create a resonant sound when struck. 

This particular drum was crafted in West Africa, a region renowned for its drumming traditions. The intricate designs and patterns on the drum's body are characteristic of West African art and reflect the region's rich cultural heritage.

It is worth noting that drums have been used in traditional West African music for centuries, with different types and styles of drums being used in various regions of the continent. The drum's intricate designs and patterns are characteristic of West African art, which is renowned for its use of geometric shapes and abstract motifs.

While the drum's age and specific origin may not be known, it is clear that it is an authentic example of traditional African craftsmanship. The drum's unique design and construction reflect the rich cultural history of West Africa and the importance of drums in African music and culture.

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