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Ngombe tribe Wicker War Shield

Ngombe tribe Wicker War Shield

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This shield is a work by the Ngombe or “water people” in Bantu, who inhabit the Itimbiri-Ngiri and the triangle formed by the Congo and the Ubangi. Other fisherfolk of the marshes dwell in the lagoons and the flooded forests of the region where the confluence of the Congo and the Alima, Likouala, and Sangha

This shield in war was meant to protect the warriors whole body as-well as remaining light enough for quick mobility in combat. This specific wicker style weave was reserved only for use by men and warriors of the tribe at that, in Bantu society women artisans from very certain sects of the culture were worthy enough to be taught thru oral tradition of the construction of these shields to be used on the battle field.

The fine condition of this shield is due to the fact that men who failed to maintain their shields and other warfare regalia lost considerable respect in their village

Mounting / Wall instillations have been added to the back for easy display 


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