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Custom Handwoven Rug | Cardu

Custom Handwoven Rug | Cardu

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Derived from the Sardinian name for wild thistles, the Cardu rug dances gracefully across the landscapes of Sardinia. It captures the essence of an open field, where wild thistles sway to the whims of the wind, painting unexpected and breathtaking patterns. While the rug’s foundation weaves together a blend of wools, it’s the gentle touch of Suri alpaca wool that adds alluring and irregular strokes, reminiscent of thistle flowers.

Suggested use: Bedroom, Living room, High-traffic areas

Product Specifications: 
  • Priced by the SF
  • Made-to-order in 8 weeks
  • Weft material: 84% Wool, 16% Alpaca
  • Warp material: Cotton
  • Size: Maximum width 548 cm (18’)
  • Thickness: Approx. 10 mm (3/8”)
  • Production: Handmade in Italy


Weft material: 84% Wool, 16% Alpaca
Warp material: Cotton

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