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Ekonda tribe “Boyongi” Ceremonial Sword

Ekonda tribe “Boyongi” Ceremonial Sword

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The Ekonda people who dwell inside and around the Equatorial Forrest south of the Main Congo River north of the Kasai and Sankuru waterways, The Ekonda are a ethnic subset of the Mongo people who are one amongst many other Fishing and farming tribes of the Congo delta 

These examples of Byongi Swords in stunning condition for their age, and they posses a lovely aged patina, these knives in tribal life do not serve a practical purpose for tools instead their twists, hooks, spurs from the horn like protrusions of the blade, they are considered Unrestrained symbols of Honor and Prestige. Displayed in and among a variety of circumstances most often in dance or in ceremonial parades. 


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