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French Landscape of Early Morning Framed Pastel

French Landscape of Early Morning Framed Pastel

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Evoke the ethereal beauty of a vintage French painting depicting a misty morning sunrise over a tranquil field. This exquisite artwork captures the essence of a serene countryside awakening to the first light of day. The soft, muted hues of the mist create a dreamlike atmosphere, while the gentle marks of the artist's hand bring the scene to life. The golden rays of the rising sun pierce through the mist, casting a warm and inviting glow over the field's dew-kissed flora. This timeless piece invites viewers to embrace the serenity of the moment and reflects the enduring allure of French artistry. A cherished addition to any art collector's repertoire, this pastel embodies the quiet magic of dawn in the countryside.

This vintage Belgian pastel depicts a pastoral scene beautifully appointed within a carved gilt frame. 

19" H x 27" W x 2" D

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